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Konjac: the best low-carb superfood

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The perfective alternative to your everyday staples, as it contains up to 80% fewer calories compared to wheat noodles and traditional rice

Konjac rice
Discover the slimming, low-calorie rice alternative with less than 1kcal per 100g
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Konjac noodles
Discover the slimming, low-calorie pasta alternative with only 1kcal per 100g
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Konjac flour
The best secret weapon for delicious baking!
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5 stars
4.9 out of 5

"A complete revelation. Thanks."

Caroline Telletau, Amateur Chef, UK


"Great, healthy meals. Happy customer :)"

Anja Chisten, Konjac enthousiast, IE

What is konjac?

It's not only that we put 300% of our love into our products
Konjac is a root from South East Asia. One can create flour from its roots, which only contains 7kcal/100g! We press our noodles and rice out of this unique material. The result is a unique, vegan friendly, product which is oh so rich in fiber.
Yes we are more expensive than the competition. But for several reasons. First of all, our product is in a dry form, meaning it will triple in size once you're cook it. Then, our products contain 10g glucomannan / 100g, about 5x more than our competitors.

Why Shileo?

From our products to our service, you’ll feel the Shileo difference at every step.
Cook like you like
There is no aftertaste like the products of our competitors. You can really cook it the way you want!
1 pouch = 1 tree
For every pouch sold, we plant one tree!
Socially involved
We are one of the few companies in Europe that work with handicapped people
Customer care support
Anja and Cyrille will always go the extra mile for you!

These are the usual questions we get

You can read more about these topics, else you can also read our FAQ
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Who are you guys?
We are Anja and Cyrille, the two only full time people working on the company. We created this company back in 2017
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How many calories?
Our noodles contain 27kcal/100g, our rice 38kcal/100g (both for once cooked). That would be about 80% and 50% less than normal wheat and white rice!
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What type of allergens are there?
There is none! nada. That is why our product are perfect for any type of diet: vegan, allergenfree, no carbs
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Recipe ideas

Our products fit oh so many recipes. Here are the latest from our blog!
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Fruit salad
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Konjac with Friends
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Piña Colada Crème
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Success Stories

We have sold 171.000+ meals to date, and these are some of the success stories
OK this company is amazing. I purchased the konjak rice. I'm on a keto diet so thought this would be perfect for me. It was amazing ! Easy to cook and honestly the closest thing to actual rice I've tried so far. And I've tried alot of products.

Chris Jones, Salewoman, London

Great solution overall! Not only that it is on time, with nice customer support and so on, but the entire product is revolutionary for those who understands: you are what you eat, and wants to be healthy.

Ruslana Svinia, Lawyer, Bristol

Our mission

Unfortunately, nowadays chemicals are the norm in most foods. We guarantee that Shileo products contain no artificial flavourings, colourings, gluten, etc.

Our meals are a vast improvement when compared to alternatives such as pasta or rice, or even fresh food shipped to you that needs extensive cooking and can only be stored for a couple of days.

Sandy Sacher
10 months ago
Excellent support. Fast delivery. Low carb. Products are high quality (dried instead of preserved in liquid), very delicious and have the perfect texture when prepared as stated. Taste / texture can be compared with glass noodles (in my opinion). Thumbs up and 5+ stars :-) Keep going!
Xavier Adam
a year ago
Delicious food and super helpful staff. There are some food intolerances in my family and the team was spot on to advise us with our order.
Christina 01
3 months ago
OK this company is amazing. I purchased the konjak rice. I'm on a keto diet so thought this would be perfect for me. It was amazing ! Easy to cook and honestly the closest thing to actual rice I've tried so far. And I've tried alot of products. Egg fried rice is my favourite dish because frying the konjak rice makes it that bit more crispier and rice like. Anyway, delivery was fast, Communication too. The only thing I would say is that they should provide the booklet that is also delivered, in English as well as German.. for those who don't speak German. But it was easy to cook so it didn't make a difference THANK YOU SHILEO, I've ordered another set. :)
Caroline Autellet
10 months ago
I really enjoyed my order there. Very good communication with the team as I had a custom order to place. 5/5, will order again!
Antje Gallo
2 years ago
I have so far tried their rice substitute and am super impressed. Easy to prepare and very delicious. Can 100% recommend.